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10 Commandments Of Marketing Online

Over the past few years, the Internet has completely changed the rules on how products are marketed with new and exciting advents in online marketing mediums and strategies.

However, online marketing is also ever-changing, and businesses need to change with the times. It could be likened to taking a journey. You may have taken the same road many times before and arrived at your destination successfully. However, if for some reason there are road works and road closures along the way, you will need to change your route and detour from time to time.

Trying to go the way you used to go will result in frustration, difficulties, and lost revenue. This is what can happen to a business if it relies on the old ways of online marketing.

What are the new 10 commandments of online marketing?

  1. You must write high-quality content. Gone are the days when cutting and pasting was a good way to add content. If the content is of high quality, people will be encouraged to share it, use it and buy from you. So spend enough time preparing content, which engages people.
  2. You must regularly update your content. Quality content is one thing, but you also need to post regularly on social media and blogs. This will keep people coming back for more.
  3. You must diversify. This means not just using one or two marketing ways. Have a blog on your website, use article marketing, pay per click, and press releases. Every piece of content that is published is one more way that the search engines will find you.
  4. You must use social media. Social media platforms like LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, and Google are essential for online marketing. If you can add more, then, that is better. Don’t forget: post regularly and make sure that the content is of high quality. A word of warning – research your audience as not all social media platforms work for every audience.
  5. You must use images. Image-based content is becoming more and more popular to share. It is said that a picture says 1,000 words. Pictures and images will do more than you can ever write. Use also infographics – a combination of an image and text to make a point.
  6. You must not ask people to “like.” If the content is of high quality you will never need to ask a person to like it. It will come naturally. Asking people to like can seem desperate and a cheap way to increase your audience. Quality content will give your audience a great reason to “like” or re-tweet it.
  7. You must remember quality and quantity. Never sacrifice one for the other. There needs to be a balance of both quality and quantity.
  8. You must remember that marketing is not advertising. Marketing is a two-way relationship, which involves the business and the consumer. Therefore, don’t keep bombarding your customers will opportunities to buy. Offer information, training, advice, and the possibility to engage.
  9. You must use less to get more. People don’t like spending a lot of time examining a web page to try to decipher the message. More and more companies are taking a simplistic approach to online marketing. This is seen as a way to draw, not push, people in.
  10. You must be prepared to develop new strategies. The way that people respond to online marketing is constantly changing. Therefore, you need to keep up-to-date on what is trending. Even with established online marketing platforms, campaigns can be altered, changed, and adapted.

The rules of online marketing have changed. Follow these new 10 commandments of online marketing and watch the results of your efforts grow. You will increase the size of your audience; you will engage with more of your audience and in the end, your sales will grow.