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Eliminate These 3 Time ⌛ Suckers 🍭🍭

Here are 3 “time suckers” to avoid so I can enjoy more of what you love.


#1 Unnecessary Interruptions

Most people are not able to switch quickly from task to task, yet interruptions are common problems we encounter when trying to improve our productivity.
Remember, multitasking is counter-productive, so remove all the distractions/disruptions from your day. Create and stick to a schedule for each thing that you need to do.
Ensure that you inform those around you not to interrupt you during specific times of the day or if you have to, put up a “do not disturb” sign. Believe it or not, they do work but only if you enforce it.


#2 Lack of Planning

When you don’t plan something out, you are just winging it. That’s never good (according to the wife😁). When you sit down and write out a plan, it gives you an opportunity to test the waters and to anticipate roadblocks, bottlenecks, and other issues that cause time management issues throughout your day.
Every day you should save some time from your day to engage in short-term, medium-term, and long-term planning. Whether it’s losing weight, getting your home organized, or starting and running a business, plans made with SMART goals will always perform better than going by the seat of your pants.


#3 Thinking You Have to Do It All Yourself

It doesn’t matter who you are, but you really don’t have to do everything yourself. If you’re like me (the stay-at-home dad), raising kids, starting a business, running a business, running a household, and caretaker, there are people to help.
You can engage your spouse, your kids, other family members, or simply pay someone to do the things you don’t want to do (it’s called outsourcing 😉). Plus, believe it or not, someone else might do the task much better than you can do it.


Use Technology to Boost Your Productivity

As a side note, some activities may require you to invest your time upfront but the payoff, in the long run, is priceless! “Give me six hours to chop down a tree and I will spend the first four sharpening the axe.” Abraham Lincoln


Don’t forget to use technology to boost your productivity and gain more time in your day. For example, if you automate your bill-paying or use savings and investments like Acorns, you can remove hours of work each month from your schedule.

As an affiliate marketer, I’m always on the lookout for time-saving tools for my marketing and if you haven’t heard of or used Commission Gorilla yet, I invite you to take a look.

Once you stop these time⏲️ wasters 🗑️, you’ll start seeing a massive difference in your productivity and income. The benefits will be less stress while also getting more of what’s needed to be done.

What Does The Bible Say About Time Management?


Time management is important because of the brevity of our lives. Our earthly sojourn is significantly shorter than we are inclined to think. As David so aptly points out, “You have made my days a mere handbreadth; the span of my years is as nothing before you. Each man’s life is but a breath” Psalm 39:4–5.

The apostle James echoes this: “You are a mist that appears for a little while and then vanishes” James 4:14. Indeed, our time on earth is fleeting—in fact, it is infinitesimally small compared to eternity. To live as God would have us live, it is essential we make the best possible use of our allotted time (source: gotquestions.org)

Discover 5 Proven Ways to Monetize Your Blog For Independence Day

Independence Day!

A day where consumers open their wallets and buy buy buy just about anything imaginable regarding the 4th of July:

  • Patriotic clothing!
  • Fireworks!
  • Outdoor picnics!
  • Family fun!

Which is all very well and good but…

What if you wanted to profit from Independence Day yourself….

But you didn’t know how to do so?

Well, the easiest way to profit online for beginners, of course, is to monetize a blog.

Quick, easy, simple… and it can even be done free at sites like

But here’s the thing.

If there’s one mantra that every beginner blogger needs to repeat every single day, it’s this – “I only make money when I am responsible for *something* to be sold!”

It’s a simple fact, and yet, it’s often forgotten by bloggers who miss that sadly truthful point.

See, to make money online during Independence Day (especially as a blogger), there’s one thing you HAVE to do.

And it’s this:


marketing 101

Well, actually, let me amend that.

YOU don’t have to be the direct seller all the time… did you know there are some ways that enable you to profit via Independence Day that simply requires you to provide direct affiliate links to OPPs (other peoples’ products)?

But I digress.

Selling… it’s crucial.  Sure, you can create valuable content that makes the heavens open up and choirs of angels sing but you know something…

That ain’t a’gonna put income into your Paypal account at all.

No siree!   You might end up with offering superb value, but that’s about as profitable as selling ice to the elegant Elves who live at the top of the North Pole

So what can you do?


You sell in ways that make you comfortable.

Let me repeat that in great big letters:

You make sales happen in ways that make YOU comfortable. 

But how can you do that if you’re nervous *about* selling?

(and remember, even if you’re displaying sponsored content on your blog, you’re still being compensated for ads to appear on your pages).

Remember – money is only made when someone clicks on a buy button (or an affiliate link and buys, or fills in a CPA form, or … you get what I mean).

THAT is how you can profit via Independence Day online!

And that’s what this report is all about. You’re going to learn 5 ways to make money during the 4th of July holiday – not 1, not 2 but 5.

Ready for the adventure?

Let’s begin with:

Sell Independence Day Goodies via Your Affiliate Link


This is probably the easiest monetization method of all.

You don’t have to worry about customer service.

You don’t have to follow up regarding customer satisfaction.

You provide the affiliate link and when someone buys from it… you get the commission (and the vendor gets the customer).

Here, your focus is only on pre-selling, creating persuasive reviews of Independence Day affiliate products, perhaps making videos about them that have your affiliate link embedded and the like.

There are several platforms that allow affiliates to promote products, both physical AND digital.

Places like:

Once you’re registered with these platforms, it’s just a matter of adding your Independence Day affiliate links (on your blog) to RELEVANT products in your niche.

You don’t even have to recommend particular Independence Day products… you could simply blog about the specifics and let your readers make up their own minds.


You wouldn’t want to promote a patriotic football on a gardening blog just because that football has a higher pay-out, you know?  Remember, you’ll earn 0 if nobody buys either!

Ideally, you should promote a mix of both physical and digital products. And please…   promote products on different platforms!  That way if your CJ.com affiliate account is canceled, your eBay affiliate account can be swapped in.  This helps ensure you are not at the whim of any one eCom giant.

‘Waaaay too many bloggers rely entirely on Amazon Associates (with its teeny tiny commission rates). Then they see their earnings dry up overnight if Amazon kicks them off of their platform.

Same thing goes for eBay.

Unfortunately, this happens all the time and the affiliates are not even given a reason as to why they were banned.   ☹

Your takeaway?

Promoting Independence Day products on your blog via affiliate links is quick, easy, and doesn’t require you to do any *active* selling!

What else can you do?  What about something that requires zero shipping and handling?  I’m talking about, of course:

Sell Digital Niche Independence Day products

sell digital products

This is a highly profitable way to generate an income from promoting Independence Day niche products from your niche blog… that you yourself create.

But even if you do NOT want to create them, you can go to any printables site like Etsy or Zazzle or RedBubble, etc…

… sign up as an affiliate, search for niche-related products and then add them to an article about Independence Day (remembering to use your niche affiliate link!).

And if you want to make your OWN Independence Day printables to sell?

Well, it’s more technical because you’ll need to set up a sales page, funnel, etc.  You’ll also need to create a product and have good sales copy so that your sales conversions are high.


You can simply go to a free image site like http://pixabay.com, download some Independence Day images (or even niche images) for free, upload them in a site like http://canva.com, add some hearts and Independence Day imagery, and then create eCards or notebook covers or what have you… that way!

Need some help with that?  Consider:

All this may seem like a lot of work, creating your own niche Independence Day goodies… but the rewards can be excellent indeed.

What’s required?

Well, if you’re going to sell YOUR OWN Digital Independence Day product, you’ll need a sales page.

And a thank you page.

And a way to deliver the product.

Luckily, there are tutorials on how to create effective sales pages – just look at this search:

And if you don’t want to do it yourself?

Why then, just outsource it like so:

That way, you can focus on what you do best.

(And if you worry about writing sales pages, there’s an awesome program called ScriptDoll.  This asks you questions about how your product will solve a problem for your readers, and creates sales pages for you).

After all, think on the following.

When people know/like/trust you, they are ‘way more likely to buy products created by you, compared to Joe or Jane Earlobe down the street.  Right?

‘Of course right!

When you’re creating and selling your own niche products (in this case, slanted towards Independence Day), you’ll have a lot more flexibility and be in control of:

  • Customer service
  • If it’s a one-time fee or a recurring monthly/yearly membership
  • Product pricing
  • The depth of the sales funnel (upgrades, down sells, etc.)
  • What the product will be about

It’s more work, but it’s also more freedom from a business standpoint… and can generate a fantastically grand income online.

How else can you profit via Independence Day?  Let’s now move to:

Selling tangible Independence Day products

tangible july 4th products

If you have time (so if not by this Independence Day, the next!), consider your *own* Independence Day niche goodies.

This is similar to earlier ways to profiting via Independence Day, but now you’re selling physical (and not digital) products.

You’ll need an online store.

You’ll need an online shopping cart.

(and don’t think you have to pay for a Shopify store… http://wix.com lets you get started for free!).

Does this sound intimidating?  If so, it’s understandable (especially if you’re new at this).  But remember – Google is your friend!  Consider this search:

Wasn’t that simple?

Some ideas that you can think about:

What kinds of products will you sell?

Will you do dropshipping?

Will you instead use a Print on Demand company?  (those are cool – they only print when people buy).

Let’s tackle some resources to help you learn!

Print on Demand Products Tutorials

Etsy Product Tutorials

Fulfillment by Amazon Tutorials

There are several options here and you’ll need to do your research and see which model is best for your business.

Thinking of building an eCommerce site?  Check out:

I mean, chances are you don’t want to end up in a situation where you’re making lots of sales but the post office has become your second home.

How else can you monetize your blog?  How about:

Independence Day eMail Marketing

independence day email marketing

One of the best ways for profiting online in just about any niche for just about any holiday like Independence Day (especially if you’ve worked to build up a relationship with the people on your list) is via (drumroll please!):

eMail Marketing!

And even if you hear:

“eMail marketing is Dead!”

Nothing can be further from the truth because…

eMail marketing really DOES work!

Let me repeat that in great big neon letters:

eMail marketing really DOES work!

Unlike social media marketing which can be blocked by your audience, most people check their emails.


So ideally, you want to show up in their inbox… so your readers will buy.

Interestingly enough – I’ve personally found that sending freebies with great quality info can result in hate mail and unsubscribers, while pure product promotions…. Are accepted happily and quietly.

Go figure.

But first things first – you need to build a list from your blog so you can promote your Independence Day goodies!

One of the easiest ways to do this is to invest in an autoresponder like:

and embed their forms to build your list.

Want list-building plugins for free?  You can consider the results from:

Consider popular autoresponder tie-ins found at:

Now it’s just a matter of connecting your opt-in form to your chosen autoresponder… and make it sew!

That’s all that building a list is about, really… ensuring that you have a way to collect email opt-ins on your blog (and then follow up with an automated sequence that lets your subscribers get to know you and the value you offer.

Do remember to promote your own Independence Day products (if you have any) or affiliate products in your emails.


Because money is good!


The email list you build that will enable you to promote Independence Day goodies…

Well, it will be more useless than a spaghetti strainer is for carrying 3 quarts of your favorite beverages during a 3 mile jog IF you never MAIL that list!

It never ceases to amaze me how many people DO build lists but then never mail them!

Remember – building a list is to help YOU build YOUR business.

And just like it’s a privilege to have people on your list… its a privilege as well for them to be on YOUR list!

It’s a 2-way street.

And those people who cannot respect that – they do not deserve the wisdom you have to give them.

You know… the above would make for a grand one problem one solution report as well! You could boil it down to:

Step 1.) Give yourself permission to value what you have to share

Step 2.) Armed with that, research list building and build a list in the best way that resonates with *you*

Step 3.) Zero in on a newsletter/email structure… and mail your new list!

Your takeaway?

Building your list is a great way to increase your bottom line profits…

Why not start that today?

Let’s pause and see where we are…

We’ve covered 4 nifty coolio ways to make money during the Independence Day holiday via your blog.  Let’s finish our quick roundup with an idea personalized with the human touch:

Sell your own Niche Independence Day services

sell independence day services

Think about this just for one moment.

Sure, you might have a niche site that (normally!) does NOT deal with Independence Day…

But consider…

Your site might deal with general affiliate marketing, or how to train service dogs, or how to win at Poker, or…

These sites ideally have the following one thing in common:

They have *fans* of that particular niche!

And you can segue to offering your own quick Independence Day services to said fans.

I mean, just look at this search:

And an easy way to create a niche Independence Day goodie is simply to search for royalty-free images on, say, Pixabay:

And then use free online editing software:

And then create/offer your images/photos/etc via Fiverr!

You can learn all about Fiverr over at:

Need additional help?  This should be of use:

But back to what I was saying…

You can easily (once you give yourself permission!) dash up Independence Day goodness that is slanted towards your niche.

Look at these searches.

You can take just about any niche-related image, add some Independence Day goodness to it via the free photo editors, and boom.

Instant niche-related Independence Day products you can sell on your website!

And if you just want to cut to the chase and use direct Paypal for that, consider:

Good stuff!


The idea of selling niche Independence Day goodies was saved for last because it generally has one downside, not only for Independence Day but also for any other particular holiday as well.

As long as you’re providing a service that requires your direct involvement, you’ll only be trading your own precious time for money.

This is so much not a good thing.

Life is short.

It really is.

And you know… you should be able to build your business around the life you desire, NOT build your life around your business!

Trading time for money means you limit your earning potential.  There are only 24 hours in 1 day…

… you just can’t *get* any more time!

Common examples of services for Independence Day include:

  • Graphics Design (logos)
  • Apparel Design (t-shirts, hats, jackets, etc.)
  • Kitchenware (coffee cups!)
  • Sales materials (flyers, banner ads, business cards)
  • Video Design (for local businesses)

But it’s *your* call and nobody else’s!

What else could you do regarding Independence Day?

What about software?  Meh, maybe not for Independence Day, but for other ideas?  Check out:

Alternatively, you could be a middleman and use service arbitrage to sell services that others deliver. You’ll charge a higher rate and hire a cheaper freelancer to do the job for you.

There are SO many ways to do arbitrage, really…

You can buy Independence Day products at dollar stores and flip them online (think FB Marketplace, Craigslist, etc.) as one example.

In conclusion, the 5 methods mentioned above are really ALL you need to profit from this year’s Independence Day!  You can apply 2 or 3 of the methods above and then rotate them for each holiday as they occur…

IF you put in the time and effort and Do The Work (hattip to Terry Trahan of Cutting Edge Gifts).

Your takeaway?

Start your Independence Day profiting *now*… and remember the following.

Money Likes Speed.

Get up to speed… starting today!