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Whenever I coach newbies online, one of the first things I get them to do is start putting together good offers, write sales pages and work on their copywriting. Why?… Because if you can’t convince people to click on your ad, click on an affiliate link, refer a friend, sign up to a mailing list, or place an order then you will not make any money online.

Whilst traffic, web design, graphics, and other elements play an important role, copywriting is what gets your visitors to take action. Afterall,
there’s no point getting traffic if your site doesn’t convert.

This is why today’s newsletter is solely focused on writing not good, but GREAT sales copy.

Inside the free report below you’ll discover…

* What is Copywriting & Why Is It So Important?
* The Basics of Copywriting
* Focusing On Your Target Market
* Creating A USP Unique Selling Prosition
* Selling The Features
* Selling The Benefits To Sell The Features
* Summarizing Ideas With Bullets
* Capture The Visitor With Headlines
* Getting Visitors To Read With Subheadlines
* Social Proofing With Testimonials
* Making The Sale With A Call To Action
* Creating An Irresistible Offer

* Tips for Writing Great Copy
* Speak to Your Audience
* Avoid Excessive Adjectives
* Be Specific
* Don’t Worry So Much about Grammar
* Keep it Simple
* Keep Layouts Simple
* Be Succinct & Edit
* Sense of Urgency – Get Them to Buy Now
* Close the Deal – Call-to-Action
* Putting it All Together

You can download 100K CopywritingFormula directly from the link below along with other cool freebies:

To Your Success!
Terry – Your Online Teacher.

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