In short, I never should have gotten this far. Everything that happened to me screamed “You’re gonna fail!” But I was just too stubborn to give up!

- terry phong

I graduated from culinary school back in 1998. I made a career for myself in the hospitality industry. My claim to fame, I grilled up some lamb chops for Hugh Hefner at a party I once worked.

While I love what I did, the food industry is relentless. I quickly became burned out and with a growing family I longed for a career change. Opportunity came a knocking when the company I worked for went bankrupt and I found myself without a job. Fast forward, I became a stay-at-home dad. I love working from home. It affords me the opportunity to take care of my four girls and elderly mother.  

Now I’m doing something I never imagined over a decade ago. I’m helping other people who have no clue how to earn online.
I help them to earn online by giving away free stuff, training, and marketing tools to help them get their message or ideas out into the world. In short, I help people who don’t know how to sell figure out how to sell online.

I love helping people who are just like I was not too long ago, burned out from their job and looking for a career change. Nobody is born knowing how to sell, let alone how to do it on the internet.

But the cool thing is all that can be learned. In fact, a lot of times it’s easier for people with no sales experience because
they don’t have to UNLEARN anything. They just need to jump into action.

This is super important to me because I’ve seen how much life sucks when you desperately want a career change but have few other options. You want to be there for your family but you also need to figure out this whole make money online thing.

I’ve also seen how amazing life can be when you DO finally figure it out. The ability to earn a living online and educating
others through an online business is truly liberating. Need help get started online or just have a question? Let's connect!